Friday, July 11, 2014

Before and after of kitchen mudroom corner

This is a before.  I used to use this little fridge; used it for years.  Then the children came... and I got a regular sized one.  Saving this one for whatever until we get the basement done, then it will fit under the bar, otherwise known as puzzle/game slab, for ice and water.  Maybe soda.  The pew is a definite keeper, from the chapel at my mom's church where my grandparent's also attended, as well as aunt/uncle's family.  You can see the teeny tiny pantry there on the right. The wood cabinet looking thing is my wall oven.

What you see when you come in the back door.

Much Better!  Yep, the shopping bags are back there again.  We do keep them in the car, just don't make a special trip back out.  Haven't tackled the pew yet, but did move it and clean, plus reorganize underneath.  I will be purchasing some bins for some of the shelves, but waiting for a sale.  On top I made a charging station for our cell phones, and swore we would keep it tidy.  Um, not yet, but working on it. 

We always have stuff to stow!  Top: pens, sticky note, room deodorizer, cell phone charging station, etc.  Left side going down is designated for: purse, things that need to go somewhere, summer/winter items (gloves, etc.), and a blank spot for what we think of next.  Right side going down: First aid/sunscreen/etc., a touch of Mary Engelbright and some odds and ends, flashlights and garden gloves, and library books ready to be returned.

Yep, need to clean out our school year bags and edit the bulletin board.  Calendar on the board is the boy's, and most of the papers are his things too.  The pew will regularly hold: my work bag, his school bag, and anything else we need to take in the morning.  We have some clear hooks (his on right and mine on left) for empty lunchboxes.  Under the pew (now) is the boy scout box and our shoe mat.  I have been hiding any of the child's shoes that don't go on the mat, so it is still funny but a good reminder because he has to ask me to get them back.  I thought about ransom but ended up charging a hug and a repetition of the new procedure.
It is much better for us now.  Working on the other end of the kitchen and the foyer (two steps down from this doorway) now.  Will tackle those cabinets sometime when I can't sleep.

Darth Homeschool update 7/9/14

I had another post written, but copied over and erased it by accident!  Ack!

Haunted Missouri – a Ghostly Guide to the Show Me State’s Most Spirited Spots is turning out to be the stimulus for our Missouri studies unit.  We found it at the resale shop, where we scored big in terms of books (at two separate places, but that was the OTHER post...) I use the term “unit” loosely.  Since we got it the other day the boy has been perusing it and even wanted to read a section to me this morning at breakfast.  I sat there listening, in my haven’t been up an hour yet stupor, and my mind began to click.  We will need a map of Missouri to put up on the wall with our world and US maps, a few more interesting MO books – whatever ones catch our interest, and I would like to get a good MO history book from the beginning to now… plus there’s the Little House books to bring in, and tons of other historical fiction and biographies.  We can use day trips to hold his interest and target certain sections of the state, and perhaps a few overnights or weekends as well for the far reaches.  This was a fourth grade item in MO so we will be going back to pick it up.

I also (thought I) found a good read aloud history of the world set (two books) at the bookstore the other day.  Yes, we went to Barnes and Noble on the way to park day.  I didn’t purchase, just took a picture of them and two other books I was interested in.  I can see us doing the history of the world that way as well, without the actual trips.  But there are so many great videos that I don’t see that as an issue. After all, I have never traveled outside the continent and I am decently educated. Alas, this set had some bad reviews on Amazon so I will have to go back to the bookstore or find them at the library to review them a bit more before purchasing.

Had the second golf session and 9 holes of golf, in a foursome this time.  The true golf players are great with the kids, explaining things and showing them how to line up shots, etc.  Goofball’s score was higher today; his “driving” skills will need some practice.  Looks like the driving range is in our future.  I got to drive the cart again and keep score, which I was decent at since I have read that chapter of the Keep it Simple Series about Golf.  It’s one of my summer reading goals.  I have finished book six of Harry Potter and am about halfway through book seven.  Not reading aloud, just reading for me.  

Also at the bookstore the boy got the next Percy Jackson, ordered a Clone Wars episode guide (a Christmas in July present), and I got him a Percy Jackson book about the overall series.  He also finally found a Star Wars book he has checked out of the library (and kept as long as possilbe) umpteen times.  And I found a cool book that is meant as a book for parents and children that appears to explain symbolism in literature.  I have never understood this so this is another summer read for me… and when we get there I will read it again for him.  Seriously, we could be at the bookstore ALL DAY and be very happy.  So could most of the rest of my nuclear family.  

I am slowly getting things done around the house but still feeling like I don’t really want to get out much.  I have a good morning routine going that I can still use when I start working again, so I am going to add a few things to it and pare it down time wise closer to the start of school.  For now I just try to get it all done in a decent time.  I had my follow up visit for my lost toenail, which is healing well per the doctor.  Within about a week or two I should be able to get back in to the pool.  Just making sure there is no opportunity for infection, you know.  Lots of bacteria there!  It feels much better and far less sensitive, although I still hold it up whenever a child or dog dashes by.  Poor Bullseye was back at the vet today to clear up his likely anxiety driven skin problem... antibiotics and steroids again.  They usually wipe him out for a few days but do the trick.  Poor guy took our vacation separation hard, I guess.  We love him so and hate to see him suffer. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Darth homeschool update

It is amazing how many natural opportunities arise to pull in the things we "should" study. Last night while walking to and from our local fireworks display we got in some map skills and math terms (perpendicular and parallel).  Also found a pin on Pinterest about elements used in fireworks to produce the color... should be an interesting science session on that today.  :-)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July

So my mother commented on my spelling errors. Sorry, but I am a great speller, just not so good at typing on my phone. To pat my own back, I did figure out how to post from my phone.  Now to figure out how to spell check from my phone.

We stayed home for the 4th of July. We slept in, mowed the lawn, watched Jaws, had a fire in our fire pit, roasted marshmallows, and watched the neighbors set off fireworks scarily close. Like so close we were jumping and I was swearing in surprised fear in occasion. I had no idea it was legal to set off fireworks of that size in a neighborhood.  We know it wasn't safe.  Really Goofball mowed... the whole lawn since my toe, which is healing well but still sensitive, was not cooperating.  He impulse bought a lego set the other day and was astounded that he could earn almost that much again doing the lawn.   I clipped a lot of weeds and some edges plus started straightening things up.  It has been a beautiful couple of days weather wise.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beautiful Day

like there should be people dancing and breaking into song somewhere nearby.   I am sitting at Meramec Lakes Gokf Course as Goofball has his first golf lesson. Or fourth, depending on whether you count the three clinics he has been to. This opportunity was a surprise but so welcome. I do not play golf, nor does anyone I know (that is close).  How he came to be interested niether of us remember. It might be easier for him to be interested in the same things as me (and we do have some) but I really love how he finds his own way.  So far he has some good life-long possibilities... golf, reading, chess.

Well we made our 2013/14 hours for the required categories.  This year I would like to do more instructed/formal PE, such as gof lessons and the YMCA.  More math, eyc. And how I would love for him to write... but that will come.  We have our Kuly topics picked and here we go on the next year!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Getting out of the house

Can't seem to pull together much enthusiasm for this.  Good thing our neighbor can, that's why I am at the library today.  Got in a short walk yesterday with the pups; they enjoyed it.  Barb was EXHAUSTED!  She suffered in silence, with well planned sighs, pointed ignoring of humans, and naps the rest of the day.  Seriously... it was a short walk.  I see no reason for the sass. 

Planning a kitchen revamp today.  We have an art cabinet that has not been touched in recent months.  I used to keep supplies there for respite and foster kiddos (as well as the boy) so that people would have ways to get the feelings out (paint, playdough, lots of paper, etc.).  But the boy has his own things, and we can use the cabinet space since we have acquired things as he becomes interested in cooking.  I was happy with just the one pan and glass bowl but it seems he won't be. We already have another batter bowl (much needed) which has no place to go!  Also need to clean out our homeschool shelves and bins and reorganize, and we got an organizer for our mudroom area... will have to think of a good name for it. It is kind of in two spaces, and I am finally realizing it will have to continue to be... there is just no way to get either space to work alone.  We have the itty bitty foyer (hooks, etc.), then a step up into the kitchen which offers a little space for a short pew and an eight square organizer (my favorite kind!).  So we are going to make it work.  The house in Florida was so nice with hooks right by the door and, since the drawers were all empty when we got there I was able to put things away each time which made the space so relaxing (in my room anyway).  All of these areas are in the kitchen of course, along with the usual appliances and the L bench/kitchen table.  And the boy's desk, which was to hold the fish and be a simple quiet space for work but quickly turned into a space to pile. This week I added it to his chore list so in a few weeks it should be a usable space again. 

Winding up the homeschool year with a plethora of science shows.  We have learned about sinkholes in Florida (glad we didn't watch that before our vacation), Hurricane Sandy, and some others I don't remember offhand.  We love meteorology. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stuff and more stuff...

June 22, 2014    

Still suffering vacation lag… I have decided to let the boy sleep in all of June, unless we have something definite to get up for.  He usually will wake up when the dogs start moving about anyway.  He’s a growing boy, needs sleep!  I am getting a semblance of a morning routine back for myself and the pups.  Doing the dishes each morning since our kitchen gets the evening sun and warms up quite a bit.  Got Bullseye out for a walk some mornings this week… he loved it but doesn’t want to go too far… he’s hot!  Barb gets enough exercise with the boy I think, and the vet said her weight was fine.  She is about 10-11 pounds now.   

I explained our summer meal system to the boy: breakfast between whenever you get up and 10:00, lunch should be somewhere between 10 and 2:00, and dinner around 5-7:00.  If you sleep through one or miss one because you are so busy and interested in something that you didn’t notice… then you go on to the next.  He still has some food concerns although they are slight and not always obvious… but he cannot abide by “missing” a meal.  Still brings back the thoughts.  He did agree that this sounded reasonable and he is of course free to eat a healthy snack anytime.  He is pretty good about what he eats, remembering to get fruits in there most of the time, sometimes vegetables, making sure protein and vitamins are taken, drinking lots of water, and watching the breads and sweets.  But he is also a kid.  Loves his ice cream and candy.  

Had an interesting Saturday.  Took our neighbor to her hair appointment and then hit the store for groceries and odds and ends.  Getting into the car I had to squeeze in as someone had parked very close.  Bumped my wonky toenail and suddenly it was askew, as in unpleasant and needing medical attention.  Hurt like the dickens then I think my toe was in shock.  So, milk/eggs/freezer items in the trunk, neighbor calling anytime for a ride home… I went over to our urgent care which was a few blocks away… they suggested I hit the next town north as theirs had an xray and one might be needed to check for damage.  So, picked up neighbor, boy brought in all groceries and put cold stuff away/parked dogs in kennels and joined me.  Some freezing spray, four shots, and a nicely wrapped toe later… I have ten toes but nine toenails!  Did NOT go work at the fair for Boy Scouts… my instructions were to go home, put my foot up, and take some ibuprofen.  Then we had the big storm anyway… would have been a real mess getting home in mud and rain, etc. and crowds.  Feels much better today but I am still taking ibuprofen and holding my foot up whenever the dogs crowd around.  (And now, on Wednesday... just twinging every now and then)

Today we are headed to a golf open house for kids (P.E.).  We went to two last year.  He is kind of interested in golf but it is hard to provide for as it costs money to go to the driving range, etc.  And I don’t play.  He does have a set of kid’s clubs I found at a resale shop.  We are working our way through some library books to answer our ocean questions, and then I got some books on the states we went through to use as we go through our big stack of pamphlets.  We chose Jazz as our monthly musical style to learn about and listen to; I have some books on that as well.  We also chose an artist of the month.  It’s a loose structure but seems to be going well.  From time to time I get frustrated and harp a little on the lack of writing and product, but in my heart I know we are moving along and in a good direction.